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Ok day turned bad day turned awesome night <3

Ever have a day that is alright, not necessarily good and not necessarily bad? I had one of those, but then it turned bad because I got a head ache, and I NEVER EVER get headaches, so getting one is a BIG deal. The kids weren't listening to me and my uncle was on my case buggin me and just being annoying... Plus I had to take the girls to the doctor and they both have bronchitis. My mom is almost done getting over bronchitis, and my dad went to the doctor today because HE has it. I swear, if I get it on or before Valentines Day... I am going to kill someone.

Anyway... So I came home and took my brother to the store because my BF told me to... and I felt like crap. So I went home and took a 1/2 hour nap. Then I got up, had a quick dinner and took 3 ibuprofen for the head ache and made my way to lab. I got to see sperm under the microscope, which was REALLY cool!!! It's so amazing how just one of those little tiny things can get u pregnant...

So after class me and Sarah decided to go out to eat. I had a surprise for her tho... My friend Andres gets out of his rehearsals at the same time almost that we do. So we met up with him. AND my boyfriend called and HE came and met up with us too!! So we all went out to eat and it was good to be with 3 of my favorite people. :)

Sarah went home, and later Andres, my boyfriend, and me paid and went outside. Andres went home and crashed and me and Roo hung out for a bit and talked and stuff. Then when we had to leave, we were racing up the street, me in my Stratus, he in his mom's old minivan, and we totally blew by a COP going AT LEAST 75mph. We both slowed down when we saw him and watched him in out rear view mirrors as he WENT THE OTHER WAY!!! I was laughing SO hard!! I LOVE racing! :)

So my ok turned crap day turned out alright! :D I got a red dress for Valentines Day!! I'm so excited to NOT be single for it!! :D YAY! Well its 2am here... so yeah... g'nite! :D
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Stoled from pimpypantsmcgee

-26 Questions Meme-

A is for age: 19

B is for beer of choice: beer is gross. bleh

C is for something you crave: dark chocolate.... :}

D is for your dog's name: If I had one, he'd be a great dane named Duke. (my hamsters name is Kawaii... or Kwii Kwii for short :3)

E is for essential item you use everyday: conditioner... deff.

F is for favorite TV show at the moment: CSI, TMNT, etc... :)

G is for favorite game: Halo? I dk... lol

H is for Home town: Rochester, NY/Sunrise, FL

I is for instruments you play: I played the tenor sax for a year? Now I draw. lol

J is for favorite juice: cranberry-pineapple!! :D

K is for kickin ass: lol RAWR

L is for last place you ate: spaghetti! (still eatin it)

M is for marriage: not yet...

N is for your full name: Patricia Beatrice Rawls Teh Awesomez

O is for overnight hospital stays: when i was born? lol

P Is For favorite place: My bed... mmmmm

Q is for quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." --Eleanor Roosevelt

R is for biggest regret: Not taking certain risks

S is for status: LOVED

T is for time you woke up today: 10am

U is for underwear you have on now: pink/white/black/red (pattern)

V is for vegetable you love: I like a lot of them..

W is for worst habit: Hmmmm I dk... picking at things when I'm nervous? Like my clothes, nails, jewelry and stuff like that.

X is for x-rays you've had: teeth and my left hand.

Y is for yummy food you ate today: CHOCOLATE CHIP CHUNKY COOKIE *foams*

Z is for the zodiac sign: Aries Betcehz
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A nice weekend retreat

:) I went up to Orlando this weekend and spent time with my friend Rachel and my boy friend. I got to meet Rachel's boy friend and she got to meet mine. It was a meeting of the boy friends lol It was very fun. I got to watch the first five "sessions" of Cowboy Bebop. I also go to learn how to navigate around Orlando a bit better.

Me and mah boyfriend went to Downtown Disney last night and walked around. It was cold, but I came prepared with 2 sweatshirts and a jacket :D I got to go in the Lego store and the Virgin Records store which was really fun. Those were my favorite shops there. I had to stay away from the Ghiradelli store. I would have spent alot of money there and been bad. lol

This morning I woke up and Rachel was already out of the room. She had woken up at 6 with food poisoning. I feel really bad :( I told her to get Gatorade and feel better. The drive home took a bit longer than I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't that bad. The way up was 3 hours almost exactly. I went at night and there was like no one on the roads. I like driving at night better, but you miss the scenery I guess...

I'm glad I went. I needed to get away after the week I had. I feel better now. MUCH better.

My sheets are in the wash because my new sexy comforter came in the mail before I left!! :D I'm eager to get it all put on the bed.
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I feel kinda moody right now.

I totally had a heart attack last night. Well, NOT a REAL one, but seriously... I was freaking out. I was drinking a delicious cup of peppermint hot chocolate that my bf got me and I spilled a little less than 1/2 the mug all over my desk. The first thing I grabbed was the tablet. I quickly leaned over and grabbed a towel and tried not to drip this stuff all over the floor and mopped up as most of it off my desk as I could. Then I went to the tablet which was still suspended in my hands dripping all over. I was cursing and trying to clean every thing up. It was not fun...

At one point, the blue light on it went out and the computer gave me a little pop up that said that it didn't recognize it anymore. That's probably when I flipped out the most. I opened it up and got it all cleaned up and it is working now. The mouse has tape all over it because I had to open it up and broke 2 small tabs while doing so, but its working now too. I am so glad that it's ok. I know that it is way past warranty now and I really don't have the money. I also don't have a mouse and use the tablet as my mouse. So that stressed me out and made me feel frustrated and stupid. No more liquids near my desk.

Speaking of money... My first class is tomorrow night. It's my bio lab and I have to go get the manual. I will also have to get the Bio book later. The English, and physical education or fitness or whatever the class is called are probably books that I don't need. I have the trig book already, so there's no issue there. I hate buying books. It is so expensive and unnecessary feeling. We never did it in public school... oh well... You gotta do what you gotta do I guess. (Which includes getting a planner and some more clothes hangers)

I need to buckle down and work (aka clean) harder and better for my aunt. She pays me really well to watch the kids and clean her house up and I am totally taking advantage of her and I feel really guilty about it. I need to be doing more. She has a very stressful job and three kids, a husband, and 2 dogs to worry about. What do I have to worry about? A hamster and myself... Yeah... So I need to get on that. I am going to super clean the house tomorrow. I will get up at 10am and be over there at 11 and have my lunch and stuff and be good and get it done.

Then I have my lab. Woot... I have to get over to Central campus, the one that I know but am not familiar with, and try to find their book store and get the Bio Lab manual. I already have the super sexy safety goggles :P I have to wear a lab coat too, but Roo had one and is letting me borrow it. I just pulled it out of the dryer and put it on. It's a little big at the sleeves, but nothing that would get in the way. I totally took a picture for you:

And yeah, that is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shirt. My brother got it for me for X-Mas. I love it!!

Speaking of things I love... lol ;P Me and the boy friend had our first month today. It is so cool. :) I am really happy to have him. He is so thoughtful and wonderful and knows everything that is important, I swear.

Quick story: My dad was telling me that my brother needs to learn to drive. Since he has a standard Civic, I asked which car he was going to learn in and my dad pointed to me. I chuckled and said not until I learn yours. (I want to learn to drive stick because if anything happened, my mom doesn't know how to drive stick and if my dad needs her van, my mom would take my car, leaving me with the Civic.) Then I commented that he is taking too long to teach me and I might just ask Andrew to do it. My dad asked if he had any stick-shift cars at his house and I told him I didn't know, but Andrew probably knew anyways. It ended up that I was right. lol

He knows everything that is important and more. :) Andrew makes me really happy and we have enjoyed not having school during the break. He had to work a lot, but he manages on little sleep, something I could never do, so we had lots of time together. I met his entire immediate family and he has met all but Joe of mine. We're both very happy and that is good. :) I could go on and on with mushy things and details, but I shall save you, since I have already typed a bazillion words lol

But yeah... so lots of emotions running through me. (and it's not even that time sheish) But everything will be ok and I will live and life will go on and yeah. :) Lots of love to all of you and good health! :D
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Happy (LATE) New Year 2009!!

Late again! Go me!! XD It's ok lol no one was waiting on my post or anything so its all good.

New years was fun. I was not with my family for the first time, so it was different. Went to my friend Corbin's house and was surrounded my people who I knew in middle school, my boy friend, my 2nd cousin, Jamie, and strangers. lol

Jamie came to visit for a week and is now, sadly, back in New York. He misses the weather and went from 78degree Florida goodness to 25degree New York coldness. Poor Jamie :( We had fun though. We frolicked, as he would say, at Target as he wore a pink scarf. We also went to the beach twice. The 2nd time we went I was freezing and he called me a wimp, but he is used to Artic weather. I sat in his hoodie under 2 towels as he frolicked in the water and dug a big enough hole in the sand to bury himself in.

Me and teh boyfryend are good. :) I am very happy and expect a very good year. I have no complaints about 2008. If there were bad things about it, I forget what they were. So it's all good. :)

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR once again and be good. :) I dk...
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:D I hope it was all gewd for all of you!! I got some awesome presents and I hope you did too! :D

YAY For being late!!!
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Christmas is Coming!

OMG this week snuck up on me! I was sure that I had lots of time to burn, but then the 20th was here and I was like OMG!! when did you get here!!

I got Christmas cards from cassandramalfoy, elspethelf, and ma_chelle. Thanks soooo much!! Your cards will be on their way shortly.... becausae I procrastinate and suck lol :/

Shopping is almost done, and I'm glad about that. Wrapping is next.... ugh lol

Going out with my may-on tonight lol. It is so weird to not be single... it really is... but it's super awesome at the same time! It's a wonderful thing!

I hope that you all are in good health are are doing well! :D
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Christmas Cards

I'm writing up my Christmas cards!! I have a list from last year, but if you want me to send you one a card, let me know! :D I love writing cards!!

I have like 99% of my Christmas shopping done! WOOT go me! lol

Life is so good right now.

I went to the most awesome concert the other night!!

The Academy Is, The Veronica's, Kevin Rudolph, Jesse McCartney, Lady Gaga, Fallout Boy, KATY PERRY!!, Rihanna, and Chris Brown were all at the Y-100 Jingle ball!!! Y-100 is a pop radio station down here and they host a big concert like this every year. My friend and her mom work at the arena where the concert was and we got free suite tickets, but we ended up on the floor... in the 2nd ROW!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! We were behind Dan Marino's daughter and a bunch of her friends, which was interesting. I'm just glad they weren't annoying.

Collapse )

It was so much fun!! :D I hope you all are well!! Let me know if you want cards!!!
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This is SO funny!! XD

not rly safe for work... but nothing bad... PG-13 i guess